Meet 3 Rivers Court

Mission Statement

We are your family’s center for longevity, rejuvenation, and celebration. We are a leading-edge collective of expertise and technologies for expanded vitality. If you want to feel better or more vital in any way, we have something for you!

Our Principles

  • To provide the leading-edge techniques for vitality and longevity to enhance the human experience
  • We will provide the holistic tools, education, and resources to empower each person to reach their optimum selves

Practitioners and Modalities Offered

Hours and classes vary per practitioner. For more details, please visit the page for the practitioner you are interested in.
3 Rivers Health Center
We provide a comprehensive health analysis and offer an array of nutritional supplements, minerals, detox programs, health management classes, and holistic treatments that you won’t find anywhere else in the area!
Golden Compass Oriental Medicine
Joe Suida, a licensed acupuncturist and a Tai Chi Instructor, delivers alternative health care, products, and education to empower each and every client. He uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tai Chi, Gua Sha, and cupping to improve your health and overall wellness.
Mu ANeu
Mu ANeu Vitality Portal will help you in creating yourself, your life, and your lifestyle anew. Using awakening and vitalizing processes, trainings, ceremonies, and meditations, Mu ANeu will help you transform yourself and the reality around you in a healthy way. 
Elevate - Healing Energy
D.J. Park is a natural energy practitioner using Access Consciousness Bars, Emotion Code and Body Code modalities. She welcomes all who desire to reconnect with their inner spirit and overcome things that are blocking their progress and enlightenment.
Angel Wing Wellness
Margo Plum is a natural energy practitioner offering Theta healing, foot zoning, Reiki, clay pulling, Hands of Healing, and crystal placement. Start your journey to a healthier, more vital life.
Massage Therapy
Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating massage from the 3 licensed massage therapists at 3 Rivers Court. Together, they specialize in therapeutic, sports, Swedish, relaxation, and gentle touch massage therapies.
Yoga at 3 Rivers Court
Covering all levels of yoga, you can experience the skilled guidance of Stephanie Fuller and David Marwill as they teach you a happier and healthier lifestyle through yoga. 
3 Rivers Court is also available as an event venue. Hold your meeting, reunion or wedding at our beautiful facility!
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