About DJ Park, Healing Energy Professional

DJ (Donna), as a healing energy practitioner at 3 Rivers Court, specializes in the Emotion Code (including the removal of Heart walls), Access Consciousness Bars, and EFT (Tapping). She is certified in both the Emotion Code and the Bars and is currently studying to complete her certification in the Body Code.

DJ pursued a degree in Business Management at both BYU and MacMurray College, and has lived a life far removed from where she is now until prayers and meditation opened the doors to a new pathway. Several years ago she came down with cancer, and at the same time entered a realm where she became a pre-coach for Joe Vitale, Laural Langmeier, John Cummuta, among others. Her training with these gurus led to her becoming a Personal Coach on her own. 

Since then, she has focused on the Healing Energy Modalities she now practices, as well as the Law of Attraction. Trusting the Spirit to lead her to what else she needs to know to best serve her clients, she has continued her studies of the Chakras, Ho’oponopono, and Qi Gong. She has come to recognize and embrace the remarkable connectivity of the spirit to both the earth and the source of the energies. 

She welcomes those who are seeking to reconnect with their inner spirit, facing things that block their progress and enlightenment, and those suffering with body, emotion, or disease-based issues. “With the Creator’s healing energy, we can - once again - recognize and live the life of the spirit we were always meant to be.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 208-403-9302.

Heal the Natural Way

  • Access consciousness bars
  • Emotion and body code energy work
  • Personal coaching
DJ Park
We have over 25 years of experience with alternative healing and wellness services. Call us at 208-403-9302 to reach the Healing Energy 
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