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Margo Plum has studied alternative medicine for 16 years. Margo is a Spiritual Counselor for the Higher Self, Master and Science Theta Healer and Teacher, Minister, Animal Whisperer, and Instructor. She practices many of the following hands-on healing techniques at 3 Rivers Court and continues to study more. Call her directly at 208-201-3117 for an appointment.
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Choose Your Healing Technique

Theta Healing (Registered trademark): The belief is most illness is created by a belief system. By releasing the belief system, we can facilitate the healing more quickly. Theta Healing is accessed by using the theta brain wave. Margo has been studying Theta Healing for 16 years and is a Master Theta Healer and a Certificate of Science Theta Healing practitioner and teacher. She has enjoyed witnessing many people heal, move on from difficult situations, or improve their mental health. This system allows people to release the beliefs that are holding them back and move forward in positive mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
Foot Zoning:
There is extensive research that proves the feet have a map of reflex points. When the feet are zoned, the body has the ability to assist to heal itself in a remarkable and profound way. During a foot zone, the entire body is worked and the points that are “stuck” are given extra energy for healing. The benefits include balancing the emotions, relief from stress and / or depression, recovery from pain or injury, better sleep, relief from migraines, assistance to the lymphatic system, and so much more. Margo has seen amazing healings from foot zoning, from excessive swelling being reduced, to staph infections healed, severe muscle pain and spasms calming down, and so much more.
Crystal Layouts: A grid of crystals is placed around and on the body. The client takes a journey to past lives, visiting one’s angels, deceased loved ones, or to the Hall of Records. Clients decide the journey while Margo facilitates the journey. The assists with emotion, spiritual, and personal relationships as well.
Hands of Healing: A technique that releases the tension, trauma, and stress from the body, often times used when an injury, accident, or surgery has occurred to speed up the healing process. Margo uses this often on animals as well and specializes in horses.
Clay Pulling: A process of removing toxins via strategically placed clay, oils, and stones.
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Margo Plum
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